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Do you know the hidden message in Iroha-uta ?
Picking up the each seventh letter, we get "とかなくてしす" meaning "(I will )die with a false charge." The code is famous but nobody knows the truth...


furigana.jp is great! That will really come in handy!


Kannai, that's crazy!

Shawn, I'm reading Mainichi in the original as often as I can. I push Wikipedia entries through furigana.jp, too.

Way cooL!

Christopher Taylor

Thanks for the lovely words about Furigana.jp. I created the site for my own use and I use it every day, but it is good to hear that other people are finding it useful. If there is any way I can make it better or more useful for you, let me know!



I recommended your site to all my Japanese learner friends!

If it's okay with you, I'd happily put a link on my blog to your furigana.jp.

Lemme know.


Christopher Taylor

Is it okay? Of course! The more links the better :)



My kids were reciting Iroha the other day at school. I'll share some English pangrams with them next week, and compose some pangrams in English, if we can.

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